Solid wood bathroom cabinet, okay?

Solid wood bathroom cabinet is generally used in rubber wood (not oak) as the substrate, and rubber wood directly determine the quality and price, the texture of rubber wood bathroom cabinet by a large impact on the climate in different regions of the rubber wood to each output are not the same, the growth of high humidity will cause small rubber wood density, moisture absorbent big Easy, and hard enough, the product easy to deformation, the growth of low humidity, will result in rubber wood density, moisture small, too hard, texture dry, brittle, product easy to burst.

  So the best choice for bathroom cabinet rubber wood Malaysia or Thailand, Malaysia and Thailand is located in the South Pacific due to the fertile soil, hot climate, the most suitable for the growth of high-quality rubber wood, having a density and high quality hard, moderate water content, easy processing, texture clear, little knots, color Yan Yun, etc., is to produce bathroom cabinet superior material and then through advanced equipment and processing technology, the product has no distortion, burst low, and insect, does not rot, etc. in the waterproof test aspect, rubber wood immersion test, material good rubber wood soaked in water for three months, you can also keep the deformation does not rot, which is wood-based panels can not be compared, environmental protection, furniture mainly from the health hazards of artificial board formaldehyde emission, imported rubber wood, wood itself is environmentally friendly low formaldehyde emission materials, and wood-based panel can not reach this point.


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