to buy bathroom cabinets, oak and rubber wood What is the difference?

Bathroom when the renovation involves the purchase bathroom cabinets, bathroom cabinets so it relates to material related issues. The moment a lot of people on both oak and rubber wood always tell, especially when buying bathroom cabinets, sofas, cabinets and other furniture, shopping guide staff sometimes deliberately confuse the difference between the two, more greed merchants rubber wood labeled furniture oak furniture, but in reality falls far short of the value of both! so, in the end, and rubber wood oak What's the difference?

 to buy bathroom cabinets ,oak and rubber wood What is the difference?

First, what is the oak (red oak, white oak)

Oak also known as oak, wood science scientific name is QUERCUS SPP, widely distributed in the northern hemisphere vast region, about more than 300 species, belonging to Fagaceae oak, Quercus hemp, the market is broadly divided into oak red oak and white oak two categories, but red is not red oak, white oak is not white, the color distinction is not very clear, the point is to distinguish between holes in wood science, forest ray variations, such as white oak dip tube wells have filled body, this feature makes the white oak is widely used in foreign wine storage casks, is a world famous oak casks timber, but do not do red oak barrels. Heavy oak hard texture straight, coarse structure, elegant color, texture, appearance, very high mechanical strength, wear resistance, not easy in a dry timber, sawing and cutting.

Oak: Oak produced in Europe, growing season length, density, hard material has a relatively distinct Yamagata grain, and the touch surface has a good texture, a certain proportion in the furniture industry, real oak classy oak still relatively expensive. We need to be imported from abroad, excellent timber per cubic up to nearly a million, which is the high price of oak furniture important reason.

Sub-categories of domestic and imported oak, US imports of red oak and white oak identity of cheap, high up on the yuan / cubic meter, like processed Lumber 1 inch thickness market price per cubic meter of six or seven the thousand or so, the price of two two inches thick will 9,000 yuan / cubic meter or more. Of course, in our oak north to Jilin, Liaoning, south of Hainan, Yunnan has a distribution, but high-quality materials and rare, classy oak still need to import from abroad. Currently on the market lower than the price of imported China-made oak many, Yunnan and Hainan generally produced mainly in Yunnan and Hainan oak than oak, Yunnan Oak (Lumber) market price in 6000 to 10,000 yuan / cubic meter.

Now on the market there are European oak white oak, oak Indonesia, classical oak, Indonesia rain Oak, Royal Oak, Red Oak.

Second, what is rubber wood?

Rubber wood raw material for the production of natural rubber in the rubber tree, and then after a rich period, used to make cutting out the finger-board, so the formal name for: rubber wood finger board or rubber wood timber. Rubber wood also has a large wooden or wood, but not common. The rubber wood oak is said to belong to the dumb behavior is irresponsible, oak belongs to the high-grade material, and no finger-board, wood and rubber simply can not compare.

Rubber wood is a lot to see in the market, mostly finger-board, namely rubber wood timber. Rubber wood finger board finger board is excellent in the field of comparative material, moderate hardness, shrinkage, resistant to moisture, easily deformed, the pattern has good color performance. Therefore, a lot of furniture panels are used rubber wood finger board, also excellent material of DIY carpentry. Glulam is a small plate mosaic of large quantities of industrial production of solid wood boards, with typical WWW jagged interface. Fir finger joint board and empathy, are common materials. Market price criteria plates (122 cm × 244 cm and a thickness between 6-50 mm). Price at around 300 yuan each, or about 100 yuan per square.

Rubber wood poisonous?

Why was misinformation toxic rubber wood, rubber wood itself due to the high content of sugar, easy to vermin, so before making furniture materials must be chemically treated with a chemical solution that is sprayed to neutralize the sugar, the specific principle I did not know, in short, is the destruction of high-sugar environment and avoid infestation. Chemical treatment of wood, rubber wood timber is qualified, then after drying and other procedures to enter the market.

Whether the concept of toxic, does not mean that toxic chemical, paint is the most typical chemical substances, but there will be a solid wood furniture paint. Rubber wood finger board made of solid wood cabinets lot, basically exports, I believe quarantine and security measures in developed countries better than the domestic, if toxic rubber wood, it is impossible to export a lot of. Currently, the online source of all speech toxic rubber wood, all from a few fixed ID, not difficult to see motives.

Rubber wood can be divided into two types of domestic and imported. Domestic rubber wood Lumber priced at 3,000 yuan / cubic meter, imported rubber wood Lumber priced at 6,000 yuan / cubic meter.

Third, the differential oak and rubber wood

Because of rubber wood and oak wood is not a grade, so the market will be "rubber wood" abbreviated as "oak" is a misleading behavior. So, the ordinary consumers how to identify it?

1, basically, high-quality species of oak furniture is relatively small, if imported, the price is higher.

2, pay attention to see whether the wood clear and beautiful. Because of its relatively distinctive Yamagata wood grain, so the higher the value, the sharper oak wood. The rubber wood is not unique oak wood.

3, with particular attention to whether the fine cleaning of wood, if consumers buy dark oak furniture, carefully see if there is a painted part, from a sense of whether the fine clean oak unique.

4, there is to see whether or not pure wood color. Oak furniture the best selection of character type, rubber wood and wood color impure, and even mottled, black spots.

If you encounter the kind of deep color (such as dark red, deep black, etc.) but labeled as "oak furniture", consumers should pay special attention. Currently there are some furniture manufacturer, bought one price is very cheap oak hardwood posing from Hunan, Jiangxi and other places, such hardwood hard but not tough, long time will crack.

It is worth mentioning that, due to the heavy oak hard texture, moisture off the net more difficult, not off the net water produced furniture, over a year or so began to deform, particularly when consumers purchase to be careful. Oak material found fairly good material, prices are more moderate in use.


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