faucets installation

First, install faucet

Before installing the sink, faucet and the water inlet pipe should have installed. When installing the faucet, not only requires the installation of a solid, but the connection can not water seepage phenomenon.

Second, place the sink

After some of the features will sink accessories are installed, it can be placed in the sink countertop in the corresponding position, ready to begin the next step of the installation process.

Third, begin installing the sink

❶ Install faucet water inlet pipe

Will be pre-installed on the faucet of the water inlet pipe connected to one end of the switch, pay attention to strong convergence at the time of installation, but also pay attention to detail, the location is hot and cold water, do not be confused about.

❷ installation of water pipes under the overflow hole

Overflow hole is to avoid sink hole outward overflow protection, so when installing the overflow hole under the water, we should pay attention to the tightness of the tank at the convergence, to ensure that under the water overflow hole itself watertight.

❸ installation of water pipes under the filter basket

Filter basket under water at the time of installation, the main attention at the convergence between the pipes and the tank, not only strong, but also to be sealed.

❹ overall installed drains

Usually people will buy the filter basket with two sinks, but the distance between the two under the water there are near and far, workers in the installation, will be cut to the supporting drainage according to the actual situation, this time to pay attention to each of the interface tightness between the common problem of water leakage occurred in these convergence at.

❺ Install coupon reinforced tank

After the sink into the countertop needs to be installed between the tank and the table supporting the coupon will sink installed firmly to avoid small gaps lead tank from side to side.


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