Oak bathroom cabinet selection and the advantages and disadvantages

Oak bathroom cabinet

 High density of oak, hard texture, is a hardwood class, with oak furniture made have dignified calm and noble features. Oak bathroom cabinet has a good texture, finished goods firm structure, long service life, and higher grade, very suitable for the production of European-style furniture.

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 Oak texture to the number of Malaysia or Thailand as well, where it is suitable for the growth of oak, the product after processing, not easily deformed, burst low degree, no vermin, and good water resistance; in terms of environmental protection, will not cause harm to humans, because of low formaldehyde emission oak itself is environmentally friendly materials.

 Oak bathroom cabinet before processing can not see that there is a distinctive Yamagata wood match, have a good look and a touch of texture; and excellent toughness, it can be based on demand for processed into a variety of curved, quite aesthetic. Oak bathroom cabinet solid texture, construction firm, the use of long life, in many ancient doors and windows plaid manufacturing also used; high oak bathroom cabinet level, a suitable mix of European furniture, Chinese classical furniture, significantly solid sense of mahogany furniture dignified calm, but the price is lower than the mahogany bathroom cabinet.
how to choose
1. Look bathroom cabinet surface, if the surface of the paint had a lot of prominent small particles is inferior paint, you can not buy.
 2. Look at the plate, so shopping guide plate to produce a model to see what in the end is part of the plate, what advantages and disadvantages.
 3. smell the smell, open closed doors, if an irritating odor comes out can be judged excessive levels of formaldehyde.
 4. Q. shopping guide to obtain quality inspection report having national testing agencies authorized to view 24h thickness swelling, formaldehyde emission, nail holding power, surface resistance to cracking.
 5. The amount of your home can be placed quasi bathroom cabinet space specifications, according to the consumer the ability to choose right for you, secure, robust, generous bathroom cabinet.

Routine maintenance
 Oak bathroom cabinet
1. oak bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet belong to fear is very sensitive to moisture and moths, so the surface can smear a little maintenance when cooked tung oil to prevent pests there is what we try to avoid using heavy impact or when in use bathroom counter friction surface, it is best not to use corrosive cleaning agents to clean the table!
 2. bathroom cabinet need to take measures at the wetland is dry, water-dampened cloth to wipe the cabinet with a soft natural evaporation of water inside the timber to avoid the occurrence of deformation or cracking.
 3. bathroom cabinet during handling, should Qingtai light, not hard drag; when placing, uneven ground, leg pads should be real.
 4. Do not put sun exposure bathroom cabinet, do not over dry place, in suitable ventilated place.
 5. bathroom cabinet ceramic basin scratches process: ceramic basin surface should be kept clean, timely removal of dust and sand, one rubs the surface, when the surface is scratched ceramic pots can be coated with a little toothpaste on the scratched area with a soft dry repeatedly wiping cloth in wax, make the surface smooth as new bathroom cabinets.
 6. oak bathroom cabinet waxing regularly, at least every 6 months or 12 months with wax oak bathroom cabinet to wipe a layer of wax, not only can remove the watermark can also remove the white printing when we waxed when you can make the surface of the bathroom cabinet remains smooth as new!
 7. bathroom cabinet cracks, and paint and pigments can be used after stirring embedded block level to maintain for a long time is not bad, but the putty and paint to the original color and the same color, so as not to leave scars
A burn marks: fireworks left scorch marks on the bathroom counter, if the paint burned, can be wrapped in a layer of fine lines on a toothpick hard cloth, gently wipe marks, and then coated with a thin layer of vinegar, scorch can be removed
B Hot Streak: white bathroom cabinet left burn marks, generally as long as the use of alcohol, toilet water, wet cloth to wipe kerosene
C water stain marks: cover with a damp cloth prints in the bathroom cabinet, electric iron accidentally pressed a damp cloth, printed marks can disappear
D scratch: bathroom cabinet paint scratches, paint untouched under the wood, the cabinet can be used with the same color crayon or paint, in the cabinet of the wound smear, to cover the exposed background, and then coated with a thin transparent nail polish a layer to

Production process
Test material →→cutting board → → carving → drilling assembly → → bottom grinding test equipment inspection → primer paint → → → oil mill packaging and storage

 1. beautiful fashion
 Starting from the material itself, the appearance of prominent oak bathroom cabinet distinctive wood grain, together with the bathroom cabinet design. Giving a simple and stylish feel.
 2. flexibility, good plasticity
 Oak itself has a high ornamental value and plasticity, one can, depending on the needs of consumers and determined different.
 3. solid, wear-resistant
 Compared with other oak wood, higher density, more solid, plus his natural coverage. Resistant, solid and texture better.
 4. The corrosion-resistant, easy to absorb water
 Compared with other timber, oak bathroom cabinet corrosion resistance stronger, but also because of their higher density. Thus easy to absorb water.

1, less raw material, the high cost
 Because oak major source of Russia and the United States, imports of other parts is small. Oak bathroom cabinet so the cost much more expensive than other wooden bathroom cabinet.
 2, Cracking
 After drying oak has good stability, but because of its heavy hard wood, drying the moisture is too much trouble, but also more difficult. Handled properly can cause surface deformation and cracking.


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