Buy a new European-style bathroom cabinet surface particulate matter?

European-style bathroom cabinet is a purely man-made advanced products, each stage of the process are not negligence, it is also man-made, will occur one way or another small problem to some extent. Particles in the otherwise smooth surface A European bathroom cabinet, B undulating surface of a granular material, produced for this reason a small quality problems are diverse, including negligence and equipment reasons, the following  context for you analysis.

Buy a new European-style bathroom cabinet surface particulate matter?

Negligence: European bathroom cabinet production process will be repeated in each member base oil spray polish, smoothness secure each component in the final after a polished, white bathroom cabinet Continental embryo will face spray oil. But before the dust component is too wet, the surface oil spray when it is unable to blow, or blow off the surface oil is not completely gray master assembly, resulting in complete three dimensions after the oil spray, there are always some small particles, European bathroom cabinet with these particles are difficult to deal with.

Equipment reasons: Because surface youfangtai not negative pressure, causing the dust has settled to a good spray surface oil European bathroom cabinet member formed on the surface; the other is in front of the gun because there is excess water filter or filters can not adequately filter dust, lead dust into the mist, and thus the formation of particles. Formal European-style bathroom cabinet manufacturers will use more than two filters ensure dust mist does not contain large particles. Also, if the filter in the water is not cleared up, the oil will cause the surface of the bubbles formed on the surface, this is not to mention.

Although it is not a fatal problem particulate problem Continental bathroom cabinet, but if the person is still too negligent, or European bathroom cabinet manufacturers of equipment can not keep up, can not put an end to this phenomenon, consumers find the problem, but also on European bathroom cabinet brand lost confidence, here we'll find a solution for the causes of each particle.

European-style bathroom cabinet surface particulate matter how to solve?

First, the European bathroom cabinet manufacturers face youfangtai to negative pressure clean workshop, base oil and surface oil filtering equipment to meet industry requirements, but also to regularly clean the filter and filter in the water, ensure that the spray bathroom cabinet Continental gas there is no moisture and dust.

Secondly, the formation of particles for human factors, or resolved through management channels, including European bathroom cabinet surface oil base oil quality management and manufacturing processes job specifications, so that base oil and surface oil can master fuel injection in accordance with European bathroom cabinet job specification execution.

European-style bathroom cabinet for ships floating on the surface of small particles, we can use a large number 600-1000 sandpaper lightly polished to be removed, after completion of grinding and then sprayed with a layer of transparent surface oil can be solved. Since the ash and sand particles caused by surface oil at the end, it is necessary to dig up the defect site after grinding, then with a transparent gray putty gray mended oil spray above, in order to play good repair damaged parts.

European consumers buy bathroom cabinet in case of problems related to the particles, the case of small particles, can use simple tools to solve their own, if the particles are large, but also through the end, it is necessary to contact your local dealer bathroom cabinet Continental let European bathroom cabinet manufacturer or dealer furniture beautician to help you solve.


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