Installation height of bathroom vanity set

General bathroom cabinet installation height, the cabinet from the ground surface is from 80mm ~ 85mm. Installation of a mirror according to the owner's height and habit of standing in front of the mirror head in the middle of the most appropriated.


1.Bathroom cabinet installation height

The importance of bathroom cabinet in the bathroom more and more obvious, many people began to feel a lot of room toiletries placed in the bathroom will look messy, there is a bathroom cabinet, on a lot of unusual items can be put into the bathroom cabinet, the entire bathroom neat looks much cleaner.

2.In the choice of bathroom cabinet can not be ignored links, buy bathroom cabinet in addition to considering the size, style and color, the focus to consider the following factors: moisture, water, decay, so the quality of materials directly affects the quality of products, preferably moisture material processing. Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet should choose the higher legs or wheels, which can effectively isolate ground moisture invasion of the cabinet.

3.After buying the bathroom cabinet, the installation process can not be less carefully, after moisture treatment of stainless steel or aluminum products Cabinet, this will be a strong anti-corrosive moisture. Prior to the purchase, to check the degree of opening of the cabinet hinge, the more accurate hinge, cabinet door will close more tightly, dust, less likely to go. Select the number of bathroom cabinet drawer, put small debris is very convenient. In the selection of bathroom cabinet styles to pay attention to whether the protection of the water maintenance and valve opening. When installing bathroom cabinet should be careful not to damage out of water, or else will leak when using the cabinet wet.

4.Do not think that after the installation finished bathroom cabinet over, usually in the course also need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the bathroom cabinet, so a long time, can be bright as new bathroom cabinet will make people feel comfortable.

1, no special waterproof wood cabinet, just keep the bathroom air flow. Cabinet maintenance principle is keep cool ventilation, wet and dry separation, usually should try to keep the bathroom air flow, to develop the habit of open windows.

2, the Cabinet often arrangements and some cleaning supplies, cleaner effluent immediately cleared away the best, or at the bottom of the spacer layer pad cleaning supplies.

3, the Cabinet has been specially treated with waterproof function, but as avoid rinse, usually with a slightly damp cloth to wipe gently to avoid corrosion caused by water. Maintenance is best to use a neutral detergent, readily available in the bathroom is also a good toothpaste decontamination products.

5.Bathroom cabinet installation height

Press installation points, divided into wall-mounted bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet and floor, floor bathroom cabinet mirror needs to be installed.

Most bathroom cabinet is the most common standard size length (typically include hanging cabinet included) is 800mm ~ 1000mm, width (wall distance) is: 450mm ~ 500mm. Since almost all the same size of the bathroom, to the large and ultra-small bathroom cabinet bathroom cabinet market is not much, if you accept the custom, on the beautiful and the price is very much affected. If the bathroom cabinet ultra-small, only put the basin, there is a wall-mounted porcelain basin, not only beautiful, but do not take place, length of about 500mm. Bathroom cabinet addition to the usual standard size, there is 1200mm long, the general European and Jane European bathroom cabinet size to be bigger, because most of the side cabinet to add, you can reach 1600mm.

General bathroom cabinet installation height, the cabinet from the ground surface is from 80mm ~ 85mm. Installation of a mirror according to the owner's height and habit of standing in front of people, the most appropriate head in the middle of the mirror.

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