bathroom vanity cabinet size

Bathroom cabinet to meet the great problem of toilet glove, should be based on the size of the bathroom space, height to determine the situation of family members before making bathroom renovation bathroom cabinet size can be customized directly buy ready-made. which is the most common size for bathroom vanity cabinet
      Solid wood bathroom cabinet size according to the installation to sub-divided into wall-mounted bathroom cabinet and floor bathroom cabinet, floor bathroom cabinet mirror needs to be installed.
      Bathroom cabinet size, most of the bathroom cabinet is the most common standard size length (typically include hanging cabinet included) is 800mm ~ 1000mm, width (wall distance) is: 450mm ~ 500mm. Usually normal solid wood bathroom cabinet main cabinet height of 80 - 85 (including height vanities) between.
Since almost all the same size of the bathroom, bathroom cabinet size for the oversized bathroom cabinets and bathroom cabinet ultra-small market is not much, if you accept the custom, on the beautiful and the price is very much affected. If the bathroom cabinet ultra-small, only put the basin, there is a wall-mounted porcelain basin, not only beautiful, but do not take place, length of about 500mm. Bathroom cabinet addition to the usual standard size, there is 1200mm long, the general European and Jane European bathroom cabinet size to be bigger, because most of the side cabinet to add, you can reach 1600mm.
      1, wall-mounted bathroom cabinet: Wall-mounted bathroom cabinet requires solid brick wall or the wall is load-bearing walls, bathroom cabinet hanging beneath this easy to take care of toilet hygiene, basically no health corners. Also it can effectively prevent moisture extends to the cupboard. Insulation walls and light partition can not install these products.
      2, floor bathroom cabinet: floor and wall-mounted cabinets are not very different, just do not pick the wall, but the cupboard under bad health care, there is the cabinet easy to damp.
      Solid wood bathroom cabinet size is generally based on the height adjustment of the owner, from the ground to the upper edge of the basin is about 80 to 85cm.
      Usually solid wood bathroom cabinet installation size, the cabinet away from the ground surface is 80mm ~ 85mm. Installation of a mirror according to the owner's height and habit of standing in front of people, the most appropriate head in the middle of the mirror.


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